Why Sealcoat?

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Why Sealcoat?

Benefits of Sealcoating

Common Questions we are asked are “Why should I sealcoat my driveway?” and “Why do I need to maintain this service?” Environmental factors can lead to the deterioration of your pavement. The sealing and the maintenance of your driveway can have several benefits. Sealcoating and maintaining your pavement is easy to clean from ice and snow due to the heat it can retain. Just like maintaining your lawn and landscape areas to keep them great looking, a sealed driveway enhances your houses curb appeal.

Professional Lehigh Valley Sealcoating Contractors

Sealcoating is an important factor when it comes to the longevity of a driveway, lane, or parking lot. By applying sealcoating to an asphalt surface, we add a whole new layer of protection from the elements, which is the primary reason why driveways that aren’t seal coated need to be repaved much sooner than normal. Our professional team of sealcoating contractors use the very best equipment to apply sealcoating for driveways and parking lots, and we are able to get projects done with little downtime and fast results.

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The following factors are harmful to your pavement:

  • Oxidation from the sun is one of the most harmful elements pavements face
  • Chemicals can rob the life from your asphalt
  • Water Penetration over time will attack the sub base under your driveway