Thermoplastic Pavement Marking

Thermoplastic Pavement Marking

S&G Asphalt Services, the leader in parking lot services in the PA Lehigh Valley, strives to bring our customers the best in all asphalt paving services, and this includes parking lot finishing services like line striping and pavement markings. Over the years, we’ve continually expanded with new equipment and paving processes so that we can offer our clients the best. One of our state of the art parking lot finishing services is thermoplastic line striping.

What is Thermoplastic Line Striping?

Parking lot line striping is the process of painting the lines between parking spaces and traffic lanes, but it is usually performed with traffic paint. Thermoplastic paint is a new kind of parking lot paint made up of a durable plastic binders for durability, concentrated pigments for bright color, and glass beads to make it reflective. This special thermoplastic paint is applied just like asphalt at a high temperature so that bonds well to the asphalt as it cures.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Striping

  • A hot application ensures that thermoplastic paint is completely bonded with the asphalt surface, which increases durability.
  • Because of superior pigments, pavement markings will stay bright and visible for years.
  • This new kind of paint cools and dries more quickly than traditional parking lot paint, so you can use your asphalt sooner and not interrupt business.
  • The thickness of thermoplastic parking lines also ensures that they will last longer, no matter how much wear your parking lot gets.

Equipment Required for Thermoplastic Pavement Marking

S&G Asphalt Services owns the state of the art equipment required in order to do the job, no matter how complicated it is, and this includes what’s called a handliner for applying thermoplastic paint. This line striping equipment heats the thermoplastic components to over 400 degrees so that it becomes liquid, then applies the hot material in precise lines to create parking spaces and traffic lanes.

Your Lehigh Valley Parking Lot Finishing Experts

We’re always willing to invest new equipment in order to give our local clients the most long-lasting parking lots, and this extends to all our parking lot finishing services. If your commercial lot in the Lehigh Valley area has seen better days, contact us right away to see how we can bring it back to life.

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