How to Tell When You Need to Sealcoat or Install a New Driveway

How to Tell When You Need to Sealcoat or Install a New Driveway


Sealcoat. Sealcoating is a protective coating meant to prolong the life of asphalt. The seal coat is protecting your asphalt from oxidation; the sun evaporates the oils from the asphalt creating voids in the asphalt. Unfortunately, these voids will eventually become so large, they will begin to form linear cracks. If left unchecked or repaired, these cracks will eventually turn into pot holes. The sealer is applied over the top of your asphalt so, instead of the driveway getting damaged by the sun and oxidation, the sealer would sustain the damage. Therefore, we recommend resealing a driveway every 3-5 years.

Alligator cracks. If the driveway has areas where the pavement is rutted or severely broken, and the pavement looks like the back of an alligator, time to consider new asphalt driveway installation, because when the asphalt gets to that point it would be a waste of time and money to crack seal it more.

If you chose to crack seal over a patch of alligator cracks, basically it would turn the area into a continuous sheet of crack sealing rubber. Then in warmer weather, vehicle tires will adhere to this area and literally pull the pavement out of the driveway. 

Drainage. Take a good look at the cracking, see if the driveway drainage works properly. Significant pavement cracking enables water to seep into the base, thus accelerating the cracking during the freeze-thaw times of the year. If any water flows towards foundations, doors, or other unwanted areas, we recommend a new driveway.

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