Sustainable Asphalt Preservation Techniques You Should Consider

Sustainable Asphalt Preservation Techniques You Should Consider

Asphalt preservation treatment techniques are sustainable treatments intended to reduce the effects of damage caused by time and deterioration of a pavement surface layer and consequently the underlying pavement structure; thereby extending the service life and reduce the need to replace your driveway or parking lot often.

Each type of pavement strategy requires energy using processes that impact greenhouse gas emissions. Pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction require large amounts of energy to obtain and process raw materials, transport, mix and apply the final product, while pavement preservation processes require much less energy to apply the final product to the road surface.

The following are harmful to your driveway or parking lot:

  • Oxidation from the sun is one of the most harmful elements pavements face
  • Chemicals can rob the life from your asphalt
  • Water Penetration over time will attack the sub-base under your driveway or parking lot
  • Large Vehicles, snow plows, machinery and equipment (commercial fatigue)

Typical asphalt preservation techniques are chip or crack sealing and asphalt sealcoating, slurry seals, micro-surfacing and crack filling. Crack sealing and asphalt sealcoating use the least amount of energy each year at less than one percent the emission of replacement while preserving the look of your driveway or parking lot. This will significantly help reduce energy, waste and pollution versus remove and replace repair methods.

S&G Asphalt will make sure your driveway or parking lot doesn’t have any underlying issues before starting any projects. We can correct the drainage issues from freezing and rainy weather and make it look fresh giving you more curb appeal.

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