How Snow Affects Your Paved Driveways…What To Do

How Snow Affects Your Paved Driveways…What To Do


Winters can be brutal on the east coast and snow can wreak havoc on your driveway and parking lot, but don’t let it. If your driveway and parking lot have been properly installed and maintained, then it shouldn’t cause many problems with your asphalt surface. The great thing about asphalt is that it absorbs heat from the sun thereby melting snow and ice quicker than other surfaces. Whereas, traditional pavement surfaces can lead to rapid water runoff, pooling water and even flooding conditions and drainage problems.

  • Snow Plows scrape along your pavement and can cause damage to your driveway and parking lot. Usually commercial and municipal snowplow operators set their blades high enough as to avoid damage. However, if you hired an inexperienced driver, they will likely scrape off the top surface of the asphalt during the plowing and/or shoveling process; shovels can even be too sharp. The sealer gets stripped and it exposes unsealed aggregate. Once winter is over, we can apply the needed sealcoat application to restore your pavement to its original appearance. Sealcoating FAQs
  • Freezing and Thawing. Remove snow and ice from your driveway as soon as possible; due to the incessant freezing/thawing process and temperature changes, it can cause cracks which will most probably develop into dangerous potholes.
  • Deicers. You can use deicers, but beware and use them sparingly, due to increased risk of damage to asphalt surfaces not to mention the environmental impact the deicing agents cause. Deicers work by lowering the freezing point of water and melting snow and ice on the surface.

Contact an experienced and reputable paving contractor to determine what they recommend for your type of pavement. Get a Free Estimate for Paving Repairs from S&G Asphalt Service Call 1-800-SEALCOAT.

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