Parking Lot Paving, Repair and Maintenance

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Parking Lot Paving, Repair and Maintenance

S&G Asphalt are the local leaders in all parking lot pavement services. From complete new installs, to crack filling and sealcoating. We’ve got you covered.

New Parking Lot Install

In most cases to install a new asphalt parking lot, your design scope consists of a plan that specifies sub grade materials, preparations specs, asphalt mix, installation specs, drainage specs and striping layout. Concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk and handicap ramp specs will be needed in most cases as well.

If the commercial property isn’t subject to municipality specifications, a new asphalt parking lot can be installed without engineering and blueprints but you must have a solid drainage plan regardless. Parking lots shed large amounts of water and it must be directed to areas that will not flood.

Parking Lot Repair – Crack filling, rutting, drainage

S&G Asphalt Service offers pavement repairs for commercial business owners and property managers in need of financially sound pavement solutions. These repairs can save you money and limit liability when an appropriate choice for your property. We will evaluate and prepare the best options for your pavement repair needs.

Our most popular pavement repairs include:

and other issues that may interfere with your daily business operations.

Parking Lot maintenance: Sealcoating and pavement striping

Our commercial paving team have you covered for pavement maintenance. We will keep your surface looking and performing as it should. Our top services include parking lot sealing, line striping, and more.

Asphalt milling and overlay

Asphalt milling is a cost effective remediation for your parking lot or other surface that we offer. This process is used when the base layer is still intact and functioning as designed.

The milling process removes part of the existing asphalt surface layer. Milling removes the weakened, oxidized or degraded portion of the pavement surface. Once completed we can then add an asphalt overlay to the existing surface without costly base reconstruction. For the right project this a a very effective solution. Having this method done is typically less costly than subbase excavation and renovation and is faster and reduces the disruption to you business.