Our Process

Lehigh Valley’s most trusted and reputable paving and sealcoating experts.

First we would like to thank you for considering us for your pavement services. We would like to explain our process step by step so that you feel comfortable with what to expect from our evaluation though project completion. By sealcoating, we can ensure the protection of your asphalt surface from the elements, lengthen the life of it by adding durability, and restores unsightly fading.

  • Free pavement evaluation and inspection.
  • Seal team preps your pavement area.
  • Power edging to the overgrowth of your lawn
  • After heavy clean up, team will air sweep the pavement area
  • Hot rubberized crack sealant into the prepared cracks
  • Masking tape to the edge of garage and sidewalks preventing sealer leaks
  • Seal coat is done, tape is removed, leaving a great look
  • Manually seal coat across the garage floor, sidewalk area, and landscape areas
  • When preparation is completed, commercial grade sealer will be applied across the pavement area
  • When we are done, we will barricade the driveway to protect from foot traffic or vehicles