The Importance of Commercial Property and Parking Lot Drainage

The Importance of Commercial Property and Parking Lot Drainage

Often, during the construction of commercial properties, the drainage parts get overlooked and becomes compromised over time. If the proper planning and attention are not addressed, ponding will occur that can cause the premature decay of your pavement. The after effects from rain, flooding, and hail storms can prove to be a detrimental to your property, especially when the water seeps into your asphalt or concrete.

If you don’t have the proper drainage or if you allow water to sit on your asphalt the following will happen:

  • Bleeding
  • Cracking
  • Raveling and disintegration of the top-most asphalt layers
  • Rutting and depressions in high traffic areas
  • Potholes and sinkholes can occur when the asphalt collapses under the weight of a vehicle
  • Ruins seal coating
  • Collateral damage; you could be liable for customers hurting themselves from slipping, tripping and falling in cracks, potholes or ice.

Unfortunately, the damage will become apparent only after it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to continue to monitor your parking lot, walkways and road surface on a daily basis, for any standing water.

S&G Asphalt will make sure your parking lot doesn’t have any underlying issues before starting any projects. We can correct the drainage issues from freezing and rainy weather. For quality control, we take the time to make sure we minimize any future chance of ponding. Save $ on future paving and sealcoating jobs.

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