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In Lehigh Valley communities like Macungie, PA, S&G Asphalt Services has been professionally installing, repairing, and maintaining asphalt pavement for over thirty years. Since 1982, we’ve been keeping up with industry technology and expanding our paving business so we can tackle any asphalt repair or installation project for both commercial and residential property owners.

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Why Choose Us

  • Our company proudly maintains membership in the National Pavement Maintenance Association so that we can offer our Lehigh Valley clients the best paving services in the area.
  • We’ve been paving the area since 1982, and in those decades, we’ve encountered a wide variety of pavement projects from large commercial parking lots to beautiful residential driveways.
  • We care about the safety of our employees and the integrity of our paving work, so we maintain industry licensing and full insurance for all employees.

About Macungie, PA

As the second oldest township in the Lehigh Valley area, Macungie, PA holds a special place in Pennsylvania history. Despite being technically a suburb of nearby Allentown, this quaint small town has a population of only around 3,000 as if the 2010 US Census. Originally named Millerstown, the town was founded in 1776 by a settler named Peter Miller. The town saw some military action in the Fries’s Rebellion in 1800, and was renamed to Macungie in 1875. The name Macungie comes from a Lenape Native American word meaning “bear swamp” after the watery areas where native bears came to drink.

The modern town of Macungie honors this natural history with attractions like Bear Creek Ski and Recreation area, which offers visitors and residents a fun place to enjoy outdoor sports and observe native wildlife. Locals also preserve their long history with restored historic homes, such as the Valentine Weaver House. Kalmbach Memorial Park combines human and natural history with lovely walking trails and historic gardens. Visitors looking for family fun will enjoy the nearby Da Vinci Science Center, and adults will enjoy a trip to Vynecrest Winery for some local spirits and food.

Parking Lot Maintenance, Sealcoating and Striping in Macungie PA

In the greater Macungie, PA area, the local parking lot experts are at S&G Asphalt Services. With over thirty years experience, we’ve developed proven methods for preserving and maintaining asphalt parking lots. 

Parking Lot Maintenance Services Offered in Macungie, PA

  • Restriping & New Pavement Markings
  • Sealcoating
  • Crack Filling
  • Asphalt Overlay
  • Cleaning & Sweeping

How Pavement Maintenance Keeps Your Asphalt Parking Lot Healthy

  • Fixes Minor Damage – Certain pavement maintenance services like slurry sealing can flow into small cracks and seal up deteriorated asphalt, fixing these minor issues and providing a new surface.
  • Protects Asphalt Pavement – By flowing over a worn or damaged asphalt surface, maintenance services like sealcoating also provide protection against UV rays and water.
  • Prevents Further Damage – Getting an asphalt overlay, a patch, or an upgrade to drainage systems means that your parking lot is protected against more damage down the line.
  • Saves Property Owners Money – It’s a fact that repair services are more expensive than preventative maintenance, whether we’re talking about a commercial parking lot or an industrial building. Maintenance services like restriping your parking stalls and traffic signs save money by preventing accidents, and a fresh parking lot keeps property values high.

Your Trusted Macungie, PA Parking Lot Maintenance Company

In Lehigh Valley communities, S&G Asphalt Services is the premier paving company. We’ve been paving parking lots and driveways in the area since 1982, so we understand what local commercial property owners need from their parking lots. To keep your Macungie, PA asphalt parking lot in good condition, contact us for pavement maintenance right away.