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S&G Asphalt Services has been installing, repairing, and maintaining asphalt paving in the Breinigsville, PA area for over 35 years. This means we understand what locals need from their pavement, whether that’s a commercial parking lot or a residential driveway. We work closely homeowners, property managers, HOAs, business owners, and commercial property owners to determine your paving needs.

Paving Services Offered in the Breinigsville, PA Area


Why Choose Us

  • We stay current with industry standards and make sure all our employees are thoroughly trained so that we can tackle any kind of paving job that comes our way.
  • Founded in 1982, we’ve been paving all over the Lehigh Valley area since then, so we recognize the importance of satisfied local customers.
  • Our fleet of paving equipment keeps expanding so we can offer our neighbors the highest quality asphalt pavement installation and repair services.

About Breinigsville, PA

Only a few miles from Allentown, PA, Breinigsville is an unincorporated township with a population of just over 4,000 as of the 2010 Census. This Pennsylvania town may have a smaller population, but they have lots of charm and plenty of attractions to make the area a great place to live and visit.

Named for American Revolutionary War hero George Ludwig Breinig, the town has a long history stretching back to his original 1771 purchase of 100 acres of farmland. His youngest son, Peter Breinig, is technically the founder of the town, who opened a tavern on the site of the modern Breinigsville Hotel. In the 1800s, the town had many historic industries from coal depot to a carriage factory, and the railroads transformed the area during the industrial revolution.

The area has kept this focus on emerging technology, with what started as an AT&T research facility in 1987 that is now a semiconductor facility. Today, many large companies have warehousing facilities in the area, including Home Depot, Nestle Waters, and Amazon. With such employers located in the area, Breinigsville has a high quality of life for residents. Local attractions include municipal parks, wineries, and Bear Creek Ski and Recreation Area.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in Breinigsville, PA

In the Lehigh Valley, asphalt parking lots need special care and maintenance to stand up to winter weather, and pavement maintenance services from a trusted local company like S&G Asphalt Services can keep your parking lot safe all year round.

Out of all the pavement maintenance services that can preserve your asphalt, one of the most cost-effective and protective is an asphalt sealcoat.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in Breinigsville, PA

Since the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania experiences extreme temperature changes throughout the year, asphalt needs special care to prevent damage. During the summer, warm days and UV rays can soften and weaken asphalt. When rain comes, it flows into tiny cracks and holes within the pavement, and then freezes when temperatures drop. This creates cracks and breaks down the asphalt binder, exposing the gravel aggregate and underlayer.

Can asphalt maintenance services prevent this damage?
Absolutely! The best professional pavement contractors can put down sealers called slurry sealers or an asphalt sealcoat that will prevent damage. Asphalt sealcoating uses specially formulated hot mix asphalt products and additives to seal tiny cracks, create adequate traction for tires, and provide a layer of UV and weather protection. Depending on the level of traffic, property owners should seal their asphalt paving yearly or once every 2 years.

Commercial property managers and owners in small communities like Allentown, Trexlertown, Fogelsville, and Breinigsville, PA deserve the same high quality pavement services as businesses in larger cities. S&G Asphalt Services have the experience to bring that high quality pavement work to the Lehigh Valley.