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Throughout the years S&G Asphalt Paving Services, LLC has established itself as Bethlehem’s most trusted and reputable paving and sealcoating experts. We have been professionally installing commercial parking lots and residential driveways in the Lehigh Valley since 1982.

Residential Driveways and Commercial Paving in Bethlehem, PA

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  • Parking Lot Paving

  • New Asphalt Driveway

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  • Line Striping

  • Thermoplastic Pavement Marking

  • Asphalt Parking Lot Drainage Repair


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– We consistently invest in our key employees with extensive training and industry
– Paving certifications through all lines of work are obtained by employees
– We have 35 years in business , so please take advantage of our professionalism, expertise and our overall commitment to the industry

About Bethlehem, PA

Also known as Christian City. It is the 7th largest city of Pennsylvania with a population of 75,707. It was founded in and named on a Christmas Eve by Moravians in 1741. Apart from being a religious city, it has two national historic landmarks: the 1741 Gameinhous, where the father of American Mycology Mr. Lewis David was born and the 1743 Waterworks.

Apart from the national historic landmarks, Bethlehem is a haven for music. It offers year-round entertainments that attract millions of people. Among the popular annual events is Musikfest (a non-gated free outdoor music festival), Celtic Classic and Bach Festival.

Tourists flock this city every December to enjoy sparkling lights in the windows of the real Germanic Moravian stone structures. In the streets, you can shop beeswax candles and other unique ornaments at Christkindlmarkt (Germany style holiday market). Visitors also visit Moravian College, Lehigh University, Steel Stuck (10-acre campus showcasing festivals, music, art, and films throughout the year) and Sands Bethlehem (the only casino in the region).

The Lehigh canal provides biking and hiking opportunities in the city where people get a chance to explore the city’s beauty along the Lehigh River. Sports fishing and other water activities are available in both the Monocacy Creek and the Lehigh Canal.

The famous American Science Fiction movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was filmed in the former Bethlehem’s Steel Site. The site and its surroundings are used to represent Shanghai. This site is one of those you shouldn’t miss.

If you want to have the real feeling of Christmas Eve, visit the city on December. Christmas celebrations and festivals in this city can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

The city has a total of 39 city parks. The parks are accessible and have been well maintained to give you an excellent experience. The parks offer you great outdoor recreations including sporting activities.

Paving Contractor near Bethlehem completes sports court project

As the leader in asphalt paving in the Lehigh Valley area, S&G Asphalt Services is the company to call when you need specialized asphalt installation. A residential property owner in Whitehall (just 15 min Northwest of was referred by one of our happy customers when they wanted a regulation basketball court. Our pavement experts were overjoyed to help.

After a consultation with the Whitehall homeowner, we determined that they needed our high quality line striping services to complete the paving job. The homeowner wanted an asphalt basketball court that would grow with his children, and our expert line stripers were excited to get the court markings perfect, using highly reflective and durable traffic paint.

Our experienced paving contractors got to work right away. First, we installed asphalt pavement in the court area, let it cure, then got started on the pavement markings. The homeowner wanted the basketball key design, including a free-throw line as well as both highschool and college regulation three-point lines. These lines took specialized design and application processes to make sure they were within regulations, but our line striping experts were up for the job.

Our Whitehall, PA homeowner loved their new basketball court because we got all the lines perfect, and he’d be able to enjoy our asphalt work for years to come. S&G Asphalt Services are the most trusted asphalt paving company in the area because we listen closely to our clients’ needs and work hard to make their paving dreams come true. If you need asphalt services, whether that’s new pavement or asphalt repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Asphalt paving, line striping and sealcoating for parking lot in Bethlehem PA

The asphalt and parking lot paving experts at S & G Asphalt Services were recently contacted by the owner of a local Bethlehem Diner. Over the past ten years, their parking lot suffered from temperature changes and simple wear and tear from all their loyal customers. They knew that only the best paving company in the Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton area could restore their parking lot and keep their customers safe.

Our qualified estimator immediately got to work assessing the asphalt damage in the Bethlehem Diner parking lot and discovered that the potholes and cracks were caused by weathering. Without regular repairs, water gets into the little cracks in parking lot asphalt, and then water freezes, widening the cracks and causing worse damage that turns into potholes. When the parking lot was installed, it wasn’t given the proper slope so water pooled and created this weathering problem. Our expert estimator recommended that our asphalt contractors rip up and replace the entire parking lot to fix this slope issue and prevent further damage.

As a local business, S & G Asphalt Services trusted contractors understand the needs of local businesses, so they know that they couldn’t tie up the Bethlehem Diner’s customers. They quickly developed a plan of attack to fix their parking lot, and they made sure to do work before and after business hours, leaving plenty of room for customers to still access the building. Once the experts at S & G had the site prepped and graded properly so that the water would run off, they were able to repave the parking lot in a matter of hours.

The owner of the Bethlehem Diner was so impressed with how quickly and efficiently S & G Asphalt Services repaved their parking lot, and of course they loved how good it looked with new striping. If you’re a local PA business owner who needs pavement services, whether that’s simple repairs or a new parking lot, you should call the paving experts at S & G for a consultation today.

Project details coming soon for Bethlehem!