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S&G Asphalt Paving Services, LLC has been professionally installing residential driveways and commercial parking lots throughout the entire Lehigh Valley surrounding area. Through the years we have become one of Allentown’s most trusted and reputable paving and sealcoating experts.

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About Allentown, PA

Allentown is located in Lehigh County, eastern Pennsylvania, United States. It is the third most populated city in the state with a population of 120, 443 in the last US census.

Allentown is home for recreation. It is nationally known for its parks system. There is a lot to see and plenty of history. The most popular and classic parks and recreational facilities in Allentown include Allen Park, Arts Park, Bucky Boyle Park, Allentown Municipal Golf Course, Earl F. Hunsicker Bicentennial Park, Little Lehigh Parkway, Lumber and Benson Playlot, Cedar Creek Park, East Side Reservoir, Fountain Park, Franklin Park, Stevens Park, Keck Park and Valencia Park. All the parks in Allentown are well maintained and suits every person no matter the age. Cultural sites in Allentown include the Haines Mill Museum, the Museum of Indian Culture, Allentown Art Museum, and the Civic Theatre of Allentown. In Liberty Bells Museum, you get a chance to see the replica of the original Liberty Bell. The bell was brought to Allentown together with other wagons for safekeeping during the American Revolution. The bell was brought to Allentown in 1777 after George Washington was unable to save Philadelphia from British.

In May every year, the city is flooded with hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to attend Mayfair (a five days multicultural arts festival). In July, Lehigh Valley Blues Festival (a four-day event) also attracts thousands of tourists to this great city.

Lake Beltsville in Beltziller park makes Allentown a vacation site for those who want to be part of the action. The city has dozens of lakes that make it a haven for water sporting. Boating, swimming, sledding in the winter, ice skating, and ice fishing. The Pocono Mountains in the northern part of the city provides hiking and camping. You can also visit America on Wheels Museum to take photos in the driver’s seat of wheel cars and text knowledge on auto tools.

New Asphalt Driveway Near Allentown PA

S & G Asphalt Services, LLC is the trusted Lehigh Valley asphalt and driveway experts, and our track record shows we know what locals need. Recently, an Allentown, PA homeowner saw us working on a neighbor’s driveway. His own driveway had been deteriorating over the years and seeing the great work we were doing, he just had to get his driveway fixed too.

We let the homeowner know that it would be best for us to take a look at the driveway right away since we were already in the area. Our foreman showed up at the residence quickly to measure the driveway and provide an estimate because we care about getting things done quickly and within budget. Luckily, we were able to help this particular Allentown, PA homeowner super quickly, and we were able to get started on his dilapidated driveway the next Monday.

S & G Asphalt Services paving contractors are experts in residential driveway repair, so we knew exactly what to do for the homeowner. The crew started by demolishing the existing driveway and recompacting the sub-base, which means getting the layer under the driveway ready for new asphalt. Then the driveway was ready for the paving crew. The expert S&G Asphalt crew was there first thing Tuesday and they were able to finish paving the driveway that morning. As always, before leaving our crew taped off the area to keep it safe for the 3 day curing period.

The Allentown, PA homeowner was thrilled with their new driveway, loving the perfectly smooth, black surface. It really brought up their property value and gave their home a whole new look. If you have a driveway in the Allentown area that needs repairs or even repaving, give S & G a call today to get your custom estimate.

Allentown project details coming soon!