Best Practices for Asphalt Paving

Best Practices for Asphalt Paving

The main goal for any asphalt pavement project is to provide a smooth, quiet and safe surface for residential and commercial traffic. Asphalt paving is made from tiny rocks, fine sand, and asphalt cement otherwise known as stone aggregate, which becomes a liquid when hot, gluing it all together. The mixture is then poured out, making it the perfect material for driveways, as it is extremely durable

As site preparation can be labor intensive and complicated, so, you would want a company experienced in installing and repairing driveways, with the necessary equipment. When engaging a company to do the work, they should view the property to make sure they understand any special requirements they need to address, see the size of the project, the steepness of the grading, or unique conditions to work around such as, wheelchair ramps, curbs, stairs, entrances, etc.

Routine Maintenance
Occasionally, an asphalt driveway will need to be resealed, because it isn’t impenetrable. You may experience cracks, damage from UV sunrays, snow and oil spills/stains. Like any other surface, to avoid fading and to protect it from the elements, to sealcoating will be necessary in addition to the occasional cleaning.

Cleaning it yourself is relatively easy to do; just use some dish soap, warm water and scrubbing. Be careful about using chemical detergents, as they could damage the asphalt. As you scrub, if you do see the surface crumble, damage has happened. Therefore, you should call a contractor right away, to evaluate the condition and/or get rid of any tough stains.

You should wait approximately 6 months after the initial installation before sealing. As the proper curing does take time. Then you should have it resealed every 5 years. At some point, the driveway may need to be re-layered due to wear and tear. At which time, an experienced contractor should be called in for these specialized jobs.

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