Best Parking Lot Repair in Fogelsville, PA

Best Parking Lot Repair in Fogelsville, PA

Your asphalt parking lot is durable, but problems like deep cracks, potholes, or drainage issues are common. Commercial property owners in Fogelsville, PA and surrounding communities need professional asphalt repair services from a reputable paving company with history in their local area. In the Lehigh Valley area, that professional paving company is S&G Asphalt Services. We’ve been performing high quality parking lot repair and maintenance in the area since 1982.

Parking Lot Repair Services in Fogelsville, PA

    • Crack Sealing – Professional crack sealing is light years away from DIY cold-mix crack filling compounds because the pros use hot-mix asphalt products and high tech asphalt processes.
    • Pothole Repair – One of the most hazardous types of asphalt damage, a pothole can ruin vehicles and cause accidents. Expert pothole repair ensures a smooth, safe asphalt layer and prevents more expensive repairs later on.
    • Asphalt Patching – When a whole section of pavement has been damaged, the best repair service is patching, which involves cutting out damaged asphalt and then replacing it with properly graded pavement that blends seamlessly with existing asphalt.
    • Concrete Pavement Repair – Concrete is used in parking lot paving for asphalt edges, storm drains, parking bumpers, and more. When it gets damaged, pavement experts have proven repair methods to keep your parking lot safe.

Your Trusted Lehigh Valley Area Parking Lot Repair Experts

In Lehigh Valley communities like Allentown, Breinigsville, Alburtis, and Fogelsville, PA, the trusted parking lot experts are at S&G Asphalt Services. With over three decades in the area, we understand what our neighbors need from their parking lots, and our experience means we can repair or replace any type of damaged pavement.