7 Tips for Preparing Your Driveway for Sealcoating

7 Tips for Preparing Your Driveway for Sealcoating

Maintaining your property and keeping it looking good helps to retain the value and staves off premature wear and tear. If you’re reading this, then you probably already know the benefits of sealcoating your driveway or parking lot every few years. Sealcoating protects the asphalt surface from the elements, lengthens the life of it by adding durability, and restores fading.

Prior to having your driveway or parking lot seal coated:

1. Check the weather report to see if rain or snow is expected. If the forecast is not good, reschedule the work as sealcoating should not be done.
2. If there is any fertilizer or chalk present on the driveway, two-four days before sealcoating, wash and/or rinse the area.
3. Check the lawn area adjacent to the driveway or parking lot. If it appears overgrown, make sure to mow and trim any vegetation growing along the edge of the asphalt.
4. Shut off your sprinkler system at least 24 hours before beginning the sealcoating process and do not turn it back on for another 24 hours after.
5. Reschedule or make alternative arrangements for any deliveries; let them know the area will be inaccessible for 48 hours.
6. Remove any cars, trucks, trailers, shed, bicycles, flower pots, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, trash, and toys.
7. Keep your dogs in the house or secure them in the backyard.

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This is the perfect time of the year to seal coat your driveway and parking lot.
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